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Named for our chief brewer, head of sales, chief of pissing on tyres and generally lovable Brewdog, Ace



See: Burnt Orange colour with dense, crisp white head. Brilliant clarity

Smell: Citrus. Tropical fruit. Stonefruit. Some notes of melon and bread.

Taste: Full mouth feel, fresh baked bread, strong/assertive bitter finish.

BYO (brew your own)


OG: 1.055
FG: 1.007

Malt Bill
96% Your favourite base malt

4% Your favourite light caramel malt

If you want to build a slightly more creamy mouth feel, sub 5% raw wheat for 5% of your base. This is something we have played with in the evolution of Ace

Mill to desired consistency (according to your kit) 

Mash at 66C until full conversion (Iodine test)

Mashout to 76 (or sparge at 76) DON'T allow this to get any warmer than 76.

If you adjust your mash and sparge water a ratio of 2:1 (Cl:SO4) is desired. We use CaCl and CaSo4. 

Boil to preffered length (our standard is 60 minutes, very vigorously) As always take precautions to ensure your own safety.

First Wort Hop addition of Chinook to 50 IBU 
Colombus and Chinook addition at 5 min to 15 IBU

Colombus and Chinook Addition in WP, 2.6g/Litre

Start of Ferment Hop (as soon as visible signs of fermentation) using 1.5g/l Centennial

Dry hop (post ferment, before cold crash) 3g/L of Flinders- substitute 50% Citra, 50% Eldorado

Ferment with a suitable clean fermenting yeast strain. US05 @18-20C will do well. Slight underpitch, lots of O2

**In the near future (sometime this year) we will be providing packs with our own hops, malt and yeast.**

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