There are some things beer doesn’t go with (like your mother in law). All joking aside though, oxygen and sunlight are two major contributors to faults in Beer.


Oxygen, which causes oxidation, results in a distinct cardboard flavour in beer and is the result of poorly packaged or sealed beers. Cans eliminate oxygen as seams in cans do not allow any ingress, where the cap of a bottle may.


Sunlight causes skunking….and you guessed it, this is a very undesirable characteristic! The nature and character of aluminium (being a solid) prevents any light ingress.


Aluminium is a very light product, in fact, it’s as much as 30% lighter than an equivalent volume of glass. This results in lower freight costs, meaning a cheaper beer for you in store!


Aluminium is also a very readily and cheaply recycled material; much more so than glass. This means it has a lower environmental impact and is a more green and friendly technology!

We love cans. And for good reason.






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