Pine on You Crazy Diamond

The Name sais it all, lashings of dank hops, pine resinous and some serious bitterness to back.

BYO (brew your own)


OG: 1.078
FG: 1.012

Malt Bill
79.2% Your favourite base malt
5.2%  Your favourite Light Cara

5.2% Carapils
10.4% White Death (yep, Dextrose).

Mill to desired consistency (according to your kit) except the Dextrose. add that in Whirlpool

Mash at 63C for 45 minutes, raise to 67 for a further 45 minutes.

Mashout to 76 (or sparge at 76) DON'T allow this to get any warmer than 76.

If you adjust your mash and sparge water a ratio of 3:8 (Cl:SO4) is desired. We use CaCl and CaSo4. 

75 Minute Boil.

Bittering Addition to 60 IBU at 75 minutes (S.O.B). Use your preferred Hop (we use Chinook given constraints in ingredients- preferably use something higher Alpha)

20 Minute Addition of Colombus and Centennial to a combined 25IBUs 

Whirlpool addition of Flinders- Recommended substitute is Eldorado/Ella. 5g/L equal amounts of both

Post ferment/before cold crash dry hop @3.5g/L Vic Secret. Dump any yeast slurry if possible.

Use your preferred clean ale strain- Cali Ale from White labs or US05 would be recommended. Ferment cold- 16C

**In the near future (sometime this year) we will be providing packs with our own hops, malt and yeast.**

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