Our Holy Shit it's a mid series showcases the best of the West, using fresh fruits form the Southwest



Each iteration of the HSIAM series is designed to accent and compliment the flavour of the chosen fruit. All of them are acidified using our own lactobacillus culture to a pH of 3.3 before boiling and clean fermentation. 

BYO (brew your own)


OG: 1.038
FG: 1.010

Malt Bill
72.7% Your favourite base malt

9.3% Oats
18% Raw Wheat.


(Note: I seriously recommend using Beta Glucanase in this beer to prevent stuck mashes)

Mill to desired consistency (according to your kit) 

Mash at 66C until full conversion (Iodine test)

Mashout to 76 (or sparge at 76) DON'T allow this to get any warmer than 76.

If you adjust your mash and sparge water a ratio of 1:1 (Cl:SO4) is desired. We use CaCl and CaSo4. 

Now the fun starts:

Kettle Sour: Use your desired Lactobacillus strain to bring the pH of the wort down to your desired pH (we aim for 3.3). Be aware that too low and the yeast you use may have trouble fermenting. A great place to start is with a natural, non flavoured greek yogurt culture. This process can take 12-36 hours depending on your pitch. We generally add the fruit at this stage and allow the flavours to meld with the wort across the souring period. If required you can also add this into Whirlpool for additional aromatics. We use a varying amount of fruit, from as little as 50kg/1500l to as much as 300kg/3000l (cucumber)

Once desired pH is reached you can then boil as usual. We aim for approx 8 IBUs of bitterness in our Gose. We also add sea water to the brew (by calculation this is approximately 1.7g/L) however feel free to add your preffered non-iodised salt.

Boil to preffered length (our standard is 60 minutes, very vigorously) As always take precautions to ensure your own safety.

We use a neutral strain of yeast (the same as our Ace strain) and ferment at 18C. Final pH is generally around 3.15

**In the near future (sometime this year) we will be providing packs with our own hops, malt and yeast.**

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