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PASTRY STOUT (24hr Boil) | 14%

Over-indulgent, massive, and dark was the plan for this beer. One Drop’s suggestion was a whopping 14% ABV to “double the sin in the tin,” and Ross proposed a 24-hour boil because, well, he’s a glutton for punishment!

This stout turns all your wildest cravings into reality, featuring an extravagant mix of coffee, chocolate, cacao, donuts, cinnamon, lactose, vanilla, marshmallow, and caramel fudge. The outcome is an opulent treat, a can packed with a staggering 800 calories.

The magic continues with an impressive 3000 kilograms of malt used to create 3000 litres of this Pastry Stout – five times the usual amount! The extended boil concentrated the sugars, producing a dense, velvety beer. We added multiple worts during the boil to maintain volume and intensify the flavour profile with deep, rich tones.

This stout is a true testament to the gluttonous side of brewing, delivering an experience that’s not to be missed.


Pour: Engine Oil thick and black minimal head that fades almost instantly.
Smell: Chocolate, coffee, caramel, vanilla, cinnamon.
Taste: Sweet and thick with all of the ingredients in balance.
Finish: Full and sweet.

Allergens: Lactose, Caffeine, Vanilla, Clarex added for gluten reduction

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