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WRATH | Ronin Fermentation Project


Prepare to face the ferocious wrath of our latest creation from Ronin Fermentation Project – a brew that demands your respect and reverence.

For nearly four years, we’ve had the privilege of learning from Charlie and, hopefully, imparting a few lessons ourselves. His skill and generous spirit make him one of the finest collaborators you’ll ever meet, and this brew was a natural fusion.

In this beer, we’ve harnessed the wrath of Californian heavyweights, crafting a powerful 10% brew that’s packed with a searing blend of US and Aussie hops. The malt base is intentionally light, allowing the intense hops to scorch through.

But heed our warning: the potent, wrathful strength of this beer will sneak up on you, leaving a lasting impact.

Pour: Pale gold body with a white head
Smell: Classic dank US hop characteristics with blueberry, mango and citrus overtones
Taste: As above with light malt characteristics and a lingering bitterness
Finish: Dry and bitter


Allergens: Clarex added for gluten reduction

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