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Orginally Brewed in collaboration with the legends from Dainton Brewing in Melbourne, we loved this baby too much to let her go, so now she sits firmly in our core (and hearts)

Tasting Notes


See: Light yeast haze, Brilliant and lasting white head

Smell: Lashings of Peach and Stonefruit
Taste: Creamy mouthfeel, very light bitterness to finish

BYO (brew your own)


OG: 1.061
FG: 1.013

Malt Bill
81.5% Your favourite base malt
9.5% Rolled Oats

7.5% Raw Wheat (can use malted)

1.5% Your favourite light caramel malt

Mill to desired consistency (according to your kit) 

Mash at 66C until full conversion (Iodine test)

Mashout to 76 (or sparge at 76) DON'T allow this to get any warmer than 76.

If you adjust your mash and sparge water a ratio of 3:2 (Cl:SO4) is desired. We use CaCl and CaSo4. 

Boil to preffered length (our standard is 60 minutes, very vigorously) As always take precautions to ensure your own safety.

Bittering addition at 15 minutes to NO MORE THAN 18 IBUs
Whirlpool addition of any hop that exhibits strong stone-fruit aromatics. We use a house blend however I can recommend Eldorado as a suitable substitution. 3.5g/Litre is our standard rate of addition. Don't do a longer than necessary WP stand as you will end up with a more bitter than intended beer.

Ferment with a suitable NE yeast strain. I highly recommend Bootleg Biolgy's NEEPAH strain. Generally a temperature of 18-21C will produce good results, however refer to the recommendations for the specific strain you use.

Once Ferment hits 1.020 we add our peach puree back to ferment. I highly recommend ensuring this is sterile for best results. Standard practice would be to puree your fruit, pasturise (on stove) at about 80C for 15 minutes, chill, then add. If you add to late there is a risk that there will be some fermentable sugars remaining to cause re-ferment.


**In the near future (sometime this year) we will be providing packs with our own hops, malt and yeast.**