Big Dumb Spider Sex

StyleImperial Oaked StoutABV11%

GR - Gluten Reduced | DF - Dairy Free | VF - Vegan Friendly | CN - Contains Nuts | S - Contains Sulphites | CF - Contains Fruits


What happens when we organise a collab with someone on the other side of the world in a different time zone? We get very merry in the evening or jacked up on coffee in the morning while discussing beer ideas.

Linking up with Against The Grain via video calls has lead to some of the funniest and most salubrious beer development chats we have ever had and it shows in Big Dumb Spider Sex.

If the name isn’t enough to go by then the list of ingredients in the beer is a good indication that things got weird.

Marshmallow, Vanilla, Coffee, Cacao Nibs and 3 different oak additions make BDSS an incredibly rich and complex Imperial Stout.

An 8 hour boil provides a sticky and complex malt character from the Maillard reaction. Having organised Cuvee #1, Sweet Shop and Charred Barrel oak chips through Jerry at ATG, we then fermented the beer on said oak to create an enormous, robust stout with incredible depth of flavour.

Aromas of dusty chocolate, red berries, vanilla and fresh staves translate to more chocolate, coffee and oak flavours. It’s a cohesive palate party and you are invited.

Ending dry but not short, this is the most oak forward beer we have ever produced and the deep vanillin qualities are hard to miss!

ABV 11%

Hops – CTZ

Malt – Pale Malt, Vienna, Special W, Roasted Wheat

Yeast – US-05

Vegan Friendly


Additional information

Additional information


16 Pack, 4 Pack






Imperial Oaked Stout

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