*Don’t Mug Yourself

StyleEnglish Strong BitterABV5.4

A 15th hour submission from Ballzy:
“Geezers need excitement?” – Enter the Winter Pale Ale. Don’t let the style deter you. The aim with this brew was to create a balanced English inspired pale ale. All EKG hops and Marris Otter malt to celebrate the beer I love to drink this time of year. A tip of the hat to two of my loves. My close mates – who started with me on this beer journey all those years ago. And one of the greatest hip hop infused garage bands from the late 90’s. I danced all night! Thanks to Rocky Ridge for letting Ross and I revel in all things English pale.
It’s bye for now – but I’ll be seeing you around. “Hold it down!”

GR - Gluten Reduced | DF - Dairy Free | VF - Vegan Friendly | CN - Contains Nuts | S - Contains Sulphites | CF - Contains Fruits
Tasting Notes

Clear deep amber with a beige head

Rich caramel malts with light stewed fruit notes, spicy hop notes with light citrus

Caramel malt leads with hop derived spice mid palate. Medium bitterness

Clean and pleasantly bitter

Bringing Ol’ Blighty to Busso. Ballsy has come up with a brew perfect for the cooler days and an absolute treat for the brewers. Rich malts combine with classic British hops to create an absolutely moreish brew! Plant your flag, claim your spot and enjoy!



Say ‘ello to *Don’t Mug Yourself – our latest staff beer, by Ballzy.

Just for Ballzy, we’ve done a ballz up ourselves and a tiny typo found its way onto the label. Let’s blame it on the ever-mischievous canning line, or maybe even Karl!

This brew holds a special spot in our hearts, marking Ballzy’s final Rocky Ridge chapter. If you’ve met Ballzy, you know he’s been the packing team’s guiding star, a dance-floor connoisseur who lives for a good boogie. And let’s not forget, he recently named our canning line ‘Leeloo’, an ode to the iconic 5th Element – a fitting tribute.

But let’s dive into this new brew. A classic English Bitter, tailor-made for cooler days. Imagine a pour that reveals a clear, deep amber elixir crowned by a velvety beige head. A dance of rich caramel malts with hints of stewed fruits pairs with zesty hops and a cheeky citrus twist.

The first sip? It’s a harmony of flavours. Caramel malt shines with a dash of bitterness that adds a spicy twist. Just as you think it’s over, a clean, crisp finish gives a playful nod, urging that ‘one-more-sip’.

This is British tradition with an audacious flair, a tribute to Ballzy’s fearless leadership and joyous spirit. So when it’s chilly, grab your mug and pour with purpose. To you, Ballzy!

Ingredients: Maris Otter Malt, Golden Naked Oats, DRC, Cararye, East Kent Goldings T90 hops
Allergens: Gluten

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Additional information






16 Pack, 4 Pack


English Strong Bitter

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