Lookin’ Back on Track

StyleItalian LagerABV5.2%

GR - Gluten Reduced | DF - Dairy Free | VF - Vegan Friendly | CN - Contains Nuts | S - Contains Sulphites | CF - Contains Fruits
Tasting Notes

Pour: Pale clear gold with a crisp white head

Smell: Bready malt notes with a light sweetness.  Citrus and melon hop notes weave throughout

Taste: Super clean malts with light fruity elements from the hops

Finish: Crisp and clean



In a world where classic Tarantino films set the stage and the refreshing crispness of a lager takes the lead, picture this: an encore collaboration with the deVine Cellars dream team, where every sip carries the same intensity as a Reservoir Dogs heist.

We’ve meticulously crafted an Italian-style lager that will transport you back to that moment when your thirst was quenched for the very first time.

With Southern Hemisphere ingredients that rival the brilliance of the Tuscan sun, this brew is a true cinematic masterpiece on your palate.

It’s not just any awards night; it’s the Academy Awards of classic lagers – a brew that would make even Mr. Blonde dance with unbridled delight.

So grab your director’s chair and experience it for yourself.


ABV: 5.2%

Ingredients: RR Base Malt, Vienna Malt, Maize Malt, Chit Malt, Kohatu T90

Allergens: Gluten

Additional information

Additional information




16 Pack, 4 Pack


Italian Lager



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