The Latest addition to our core range- Session. Session marks a significant moment here at Rocky Ridge- it's our first beer to use Australian hops not grown on site and shows that even while we grow we still keep our ethos front and centre with everything we do. Local and Fresh= Best

Tasting Notes

See: Pale straw, dense white head

Smell: Tropical fruits, passion fruit, citrus

Taste: Passionfruit, Fresh Bread, light bitter finish.

BYO (brew your own)


OG: 1.042
FG: 1.008

Malt Bill
95% Your favourite base malt

2% Your favourite light caramel malt
2% Rolled Oats
1% Raw Wheat

Mill to desired consistency (according to your kit) 

Mash at 66C until full conversion (Iodine test)

Mashout to 76 (or sparge at 76) DON'T allow this to get any warmer than 76.

If you adjust your mash and sparge water a ratio of 1:1 (Cl:SO4) is desired. We use CaCl and CaSo4. 

Boil to preffered length (our standard is 60 minutes, very vigorously) As always take precautions to ensure your own safety.

60 minute Chinook addition to 20 IBU
15 minute Centennial Addition 1g/L

WP Addition Colombus ,3g/L
Dry Hop Galaxy + Ella Equal amounts at 3.3g/L

Ferment with a suitable clean fermenting yeast strain. US05 @18-20C will do well. Slight underpitch, lots of O2

**In the near future (sometime this year) we will be providing packs with our own hops, malt and yeast.**

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