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Our brewers are fueled by passion and excitement, dedicated to guiding the beer towards the desired outcome while embracing the mystery that lies within each barrel. Handpicked for their potential, these barrels shape our beers with their unique character, while the resident microflora infuses our beers with life, evolving and developing even after bottling.

With every limited release, you’re invited to experience the artistry and anticipation that fills our barrels at Rocky Ridge. Indulge in the passion and discover the captivating journey that unfolds within each bottle of our barrel-aged beers.

Savour the magic and be part of an exclusive, ever-evolving experience at Rocky Ridge Brewing Co.

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BA Strong Silent Type 2022

StyleBarrel Aged Imperial Chenin PilsnerABV10%
Emerging from the cellar is Barrel Aged SST, a brew of remarkable character and complexity.  Aged in ex-Chardy barrels, it delivers a dry and spritzy profile that tantalises the senses. Grainy pilsner notes harmonise with Chenin, creating a symphony of flavours. Enhanced by four months of Brettanomyces Bruxellensis magic, aged leather and barnyard funk add a unique depth. Barrel Aged...
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Bourbon BA DB 2022

StyleBourbon Barrel Aged RIS with ShirazABV12.5
After a brief hiatus, DB (Dirty Bitch) returned with renewed vigour and a bolder spirit. This special release, crafted in loving memory of our beloved companion Indy, honours her legacy with all proceeds donated to SAFE and other dog shelters. Meticulously aged in a thoughtfully curated selection of barrels (0241 Maple Bourbon, 0242 Barton Bourbon, 0243 Bookers, and 0244 Heaven...
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GR - Gluten Reduced | DF - Dairy Free | VF - Vegan Friendly | CN - Contains Nuts | S - Contains Sulphites | CF - Contains Fruits
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