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Our brewers are fueled by passion and excitement, dedicated to guiding the beer towards the desired outcome while embracing the mystery that lies within each barrel. Handpicked for their potential, these barrels shape our beers with their unique character, while the resident microflora infuses our beers with life, evolving and developing even after bottling.

With every limited release, you’re invited to experience the artistry and anticipation that fills our barrels at Rocky Ridge. Indulge in the passion and discover the captivating journey that unfolds within each bottle of our barrel-aged beers.

Savour the magic and be part of an exclusive, ever-evolving experience at Rocky Ridge Brewing Co.

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BA Black Forest 2022

StyleBarrel Aged Black Forest RISWineABV14.0%
Nestled within the heart of the Black Forest, a true masterpiece emerged—Black Forest RISWine (Yes, Ross dared to venture there). This exceptional creation, born from the harmonious union of Master of Kettles and DB, embarked on an 18-month sojourn within the confines of a Cabernet barrel, evolving into an entity with a life all its own. Within its depths, velvety...
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GR - Gluten Reduced | DF - Dairy Free | VF - Vegan Friendly | CN - Contains Nuts | S - Contains Sulphites | CF - Contains Fruits
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