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A long walk home

It’s a Long Walk Home | TDH IPA Fire up the group chat – Range Brewing and Rocky Ridge have reunited again just in time for IPA Day (we couldn’t resist using this as the perfect excuse). Our hop-hunting heroes have scoured Australia, the USA, and New Zealand to bring you this brew. T90, Lupomaxx pellets, and Subzero Hopkief result...
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Are You A Robot?

We feel like it’s a weird sitch when a robot asks you if you are a robot. Thankfully a beer asking you is slightly less strange right? You have to select all the squares that have hops in them to crack open a can of this IPA. We feel like it’s only fair that you do the Rockaptcha before enjoying...
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BA Big Dumb Spider Sex 2022

StyleBarrel Aged Imperial StoutABV11%
Against the Grain (USA) enthusiastically joined us to celebrate our momentous 5th birthday collaboration. In search of a remarkable experience surpassing spider sex, we ventured into the realm of barrel-aged spider sex.  This audacious endeavour led us to age the beer for 12 months in barrels 0278 and 0279, which had previously cradled exquisite wines. Within this alchemical process, magic...
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BA Jindong Balling 2022 – SOLD OUT

StyleBarrel Aged Barley WineABV11.0%
In Jindong, an epic collaboration took place. Against the Grain and Cellarbrations Baldivis united for a daring experiment. Aged for a year in harmonious PX and Heaven Hill barrels, their creation unlocked extraordinary flavours. Opening the bottles unleashed an enchanting aroma—a blend of stewed fruit, fruit cake, and brandy. The anticipation grew. With the first sip, a flavour expedition commenced....
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BA Raspberry Sour 2022

StyleBarrel Aged Raspberry SourABV6.0%
Immerse yourself in the realm of exquisite brewing as we skillfully merge our Puncheon 002 Saison base with the vibrant essence of raspberries. As the glass meets your lips, the enchanting aroma of these luscious fruits interweaves with fruity esters and a hint of wild yeast funk, captivating your senses with each inhale. With the first sip, a delightful equilibrium...
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Big Bobby Beedus

StyleChocolate Coffee Breakfast StoutABV8%
The breaky of champs, Big Bobby Beedus brings that big energy! Pale Malt, Toffee Malt, Dark Choc Malt, Brown Malt, Carafa 3 & Rolled Oats create a lush and silky mouthfeel while heavy additions of Gabriels Cacao Husks and nibs provide that chocolatey goodness. The addition of Margaret River Roasting Co fresh coffee beans along with a heavy dose of...
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Big Dank Resin

Bringing bitterness back baby!  This is a beer the brew team have unashamedly come up with for themselves, but we invite all of you to come along for the ride.  IPA done the way it was when we fell in love with the style, but more refined and balanced, cause hey, turns out we have learned a thing or two...
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Blackwood Black IPA

StyleBlack IPAABV7.2
Blackwood | Black IPA How could we resist partnering with the hop legends at Karridale Hop Cottages, Preston Valley Hops, and Great Southern Hops? The answer was clear—no hesitation, just a resounding “Yes!” When our Head Brewer, Ross, caught a whiff of those hops, he knew it was time to unleash a devilishly delicious BLACK IPA upon the world. As...
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Bourbon BA Sweet 16

StyleBarrel Aged Imperial StoutABV16%
Crafted in honour of Mane Liquor’s 16-year milestone as one of Western Australia’s favourite purveyors of fine beverages, Sweet 16 is a symphony of complex adjuncts. Aged in freshly procured heaven hill and bookers barrels, prepare for an oaked experience with a dry(er) finish. While the chocolate notes take a backseat, the infusion of vanillin and coconut creates a delightful...
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Cha Cha Cherry

StyleThicc Imperial Fruited SourABV8.5%
Cha Cha Cherry returns with a bang for 2023!   With all the fruit you have come to expect from this series, Cha Cha is brimming with cherry from start to finish.   A lush, robust body is supplied by malted wheat, oats and pale malt. Cherry puree brings the thickness along with heavy additions of milk sugar.    Like...
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Clear Minds

Have you ever wondered what brewers get up to in the shadows? Well, wonder no more as we introduce our new Brewhouse of Horror series. Meet “Clear Minds”, the wicked brainchild of Adzy and Ben, an absolute monster of a big bitter caramel malt DIPA. Step right in, if you dare! As the cold whirlpool swirled at the brewery, an...
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Crispy Concords

StyleNZ PilsnerABV5.0%
Using specialty malts Weyermann Eraclea & Weyermann Isaria 1924 supplied by Bintani along with organic Motueka hops sent over by the good homies Wildflower, this NZ Pils is almost IPA leaning with its huge aromatics and palate punching hop profile. This hoppy Pils will please both the IPA and Lager lovers of the world and could very well be our...
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GR - Gluten reduced | DF - Dairy Free | VF - VEGAN FRIENDLY | CN - Contains nuts | S - Contains SULPHITES
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