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Welcome to our new website!

We've been working long and hard on this baby, but it's finally time to set her free and go live! Massive thanks to Matt Nankivell of MN Creative for his fantastic work on this project. We couldn't have achieved anything of this calibre without his help and guidance.

My apologies to everyone who has been following our progress and missed the updates; I've been flat out transitioning from my current role at Cheeky Monkey Brewery into my new position at home....It's been a hell of a ride! So, to bring you up to speed:

-Our Brew house is currently nearing the end of manufacture, we had a couple of small hiccups early on with the engineering, but finally sorted it out. We expect all of the equipment to land here by mid-June, with an "unknown" amount of time in customs, before making it's way down to the farm.

-Currently we (optimistically) hope that we have our initial releases ready for September. Remember that install and commissioning the system will take some time...not to mention making sure we don't rush the first batches of delicious golden nectar through.

-Our Hop yard had fantastic success this year. I have nearly 100kgs of beautifully preserved whole hop cones dried, sealed and frozen for preservation (not including the hops that we used in some very special pilot brews) We're currently increasing the size of our yard and anticipate close to 1 ton wet weight harvest for this season. -Our solar array has been installed along with a metric S*** ton of batteries to cope with our brewery energy requirements. Hats of to Mick and the team at Miller Electrics...fantastic job guys!

-We're on our way out to collect a couple of additional varieties of barley to do our trial maltings with; Bass and LaTrobe- both high yield, modern varities. We will keep you posted as to the success (or lack thereof) -Our next couple of months will be spent putting the finishing touches on the brewery build (We've started from scratch here!), expansion, landscaping and of course the all important recipie development! -In keeping with our ethos, we are going to be spending a lot of time investigating ways to save power, cut water usage and keep everything nice and tight in the brewing process. Of course the Product comes first....but everywhere we can, we will save that little extra bit of water, chemical, power and time (so I can spend more drinking with everyone!)

-Our contract brewing information will come out shortly....The minimum batch size will be around 1000 litres on our baby, most comfortable at around 1500l. If you want more info or just to have a chat about any of this, drop me a line!

Finally, most excitingly, Our brewery Memberships have launched with our website. Get your membership now! They won't last long. Obviously the beers won't come until they are ready, but rest assured; if you join our membership you will be pampered and treated like royalty. This is a one-off opportunity guys. One not to be missed!

Cheers to the beers!