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It’s been a long time between posts for me; there are several reasons but essentially the two primary ones are; 1) Until, a fortnight ago I had very little (Sweet FA) to write about, 2) The last fortnight has been crazy, crazy busy.

So, starting with the news; our brewery arrived. Finally. Only about three months late, but let’s not go there (Some idiot screwed up when he was ordering). It also happens to have been the first week of sunshine we have had in forever, so our Hops have decided it’s time to go crazy (leading to literally days of trimming, training and re-training shoots) at the same time as assembling the jigsaw that is our brewhouse and brewery as well as making a start building a cellar door in Busselton town centre (more on that later).

mmm Whole cone hops

For anyone that hasn’t followed the journey so far; we are attempting to be entirely self-sufficient brewers- growing everything on site (hops and barley), using rainwater and some awesome yeast from our (pristine) air in the southwest. Basically going back to ye-old ways of brewing, pre industrialisation and commercialisation (where everything was uber local and seasonal). In case you missed it; WE LOVE LOCAL PRODUCTS. To bring us right on back to the 21st century we have adopted some kick-ass technology to make brewing a breeze; from our awesome off-grid electrical/battery bank to help save the planet, through to semi-automated brewery controls and a wifi-enabled ferment monitoring system (so that there is a chance I’ll be able to sleep at night knowing that everything is A-OK in the Brewery) Check my note on sustainability here