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It's been far too long since I last had the opportunity to collect my thoughts and write a decent blog post. There are a few ramblings saved to my desktop and a few half-finished ideas scribbled in my notebook, so I figured I’d sit down, read over them and spell out a plan over the coming months and years.

We are proud to call ourselves INDEPENDENT. It’s a mainstay of who we are. It’s one thing that will never, ever change. It’s a firm commitment and one with roots on our farm; we are a family business and want to stay that way. I feel this is an important place to start this blog, as it helps to lay the groundwork for everything to come, so keep this in mind as you read on.

Firstly, a brief update;

After three months planning, twelve months of building and altogether too long assembling and testing, we finally have had a number of commercial releases of beer. In no particular order: Goibhniu(Limited), Succellus(Limited), Ironstone (Core), Granite (Core) and Gold Leader (Collaboration). We have Three separate strains of Sour beer under way as well as an incredibly exciting Collaboration with Cheeky Monkey Brewing and Wild Hop Brewing, both out of the Southwest. It’s an open ferment Barley wine utilising fresh Shiraz grapes…. Keep an eye out for some cheeky teaser samples. We also have our next limited release, an APA (Ace’s Pale Ale) utilising our new hop variety, FLINDERS. It’s going to be a hop bomb and I can guarantee it won’t last long.


We’re trying to grow our availability and tap list at the moment; if your local doesn’t have us, ask them to get our beers in! We are available direct from the brewery in the lower South West, or through Off the Vine wine distributors in the Perth Metro area.

Founders- don’t worry I haven’t forgotten you. I’ve kept aside a keg of each of these beers and will be filling your quotas once the canning line is installed!