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So, it goes without saying that this last 16 months (yep, we’re finally out of the crawling stage and walking around smashing our heads on things) has been crazy. Like stupid Crazy. Our family here at the brewery has doubled. And doubled again and now will grow to 7. I don’t think any of us have slept in the past 6 months, but that’s normal, right? There are a few things I want to touch base on here, a couple of issues I want to address and I also want to make sure the record is set straight and ensure everyone knows exactly where we sit.

First off, the problem with giving a fuck is that when you aren’t sticking 100% to the road you have chosen it tears shreds from your soul and crushes your spirit. Now that might sound a little melodramatic- but bear with me.

We set out with a very firm set of goals and a strong ethos- 16 months of solid growth has made two things very evident; 1) Beer is about love, not money, 2) Without money, love won’t put beer in a can, 3) (ok, so three things) As much as I hate to admit it- this is a business first and foremost. Now don’t get me wrong here- each and every beer we brew has as much love, care and effort put into it’s creation as humanly possible- we couldn’t live with putting out sub-standard products.

The reason for this semi-rant is that (as some of you will have noticed) we have shifted slightly away from our original motto of “Everything we brew, We grow” to “Freshly Brewed, Freshly Grown”.

The problem is, as with every business growth story, something had to give. Our resource growth hasn’t kept up with our brewery growth- that’s it, plain and simple. We are still endeavouring to source as locally as possible (WA>Australia) and are trying to lock in enough hops from WA to see us well into next year. The problem is though, it’s really going to be a middle term goal to bring everything back in house, because, let’s face it; the beer is the most import aspect of what we do. Now I know this may seem like a colossal shift, believe you me, I have been digesting this fo