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Well, 2020 has been a ride, right? The name of this blog pretty well sums it up: rollercoasters of emotions, and fairy bread.

Because everyone needs fairy bread.

Shit has happened, a lot is happening, some sad stuff and some exciting stuff, all rolled into this short +++++ narrative.

To cut straight to the chase, 2020 has seen a massive upheaval here at the Ridge. We've opened a new venue (Subiaco), then closed it, closed our small bar (Darleens), increased our exports, grown our brewery, successfully received grant funding under the VAAIAF (Value Add Agribusinesses Infrastructure Attraction Fund), invested in increased sustainability, partnered with GWEILO BEER to brew some epic beers for them here in Australia and just generally sporting the "What the hell is happening" feeling to the year so far...and it's somehow July, and icantrememberthelasttimeisleptproperly.

While this has all been tumultuous, we have been incredibly lucky. Your support through this time has been amazing, for which we are incredibly grateful.

In hindsight, our initial reaction to Covid 19 shutdowns was poor and somewhat of a knee-jerk. Thankfully, we've kept our full and part time staff on, repurposed anyone displaced from Darleens or our Subiaco premises into roles in the brewery and generally, the brewery has worn the shutdowns, come out the other end and we are busier than we have ever been.

I can't thank our tireless work colleagues here at the brewery and through our (former) venues enough, their patience and dedication to Rocky Ridge through one of the toughest periods emotionally that we have experienced was absolutely exceptional.

To the sad stuff; Darleens, our first foray into hospitality, is now closed permanently. Regularly featured on the list of top regional bars in Australia by Beer and Brewer, Darleens was our spiritual home here in Busselton. May she live on with us all. (anyone interested in taking over the lease there, please contact us) Our venue in Subiaco, though only with us a short time at the grace of the management of the Vic hotel, showed us that the future is promising for us if we decide to go down that pathway again. I'm not going to dwell here, as this is all still fairly raw.

On a much more bright and exciting note, Covid has allowed to us narrow our focus and concentrate back on what we do best; BEER. We have had some HUGE developments here at the brewery;