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I’ve been trying to write this for a couple of days now, but the truth is, I've been confused. And I don’t think I’ve been alone.  With so much noise out there surrounding COVID 19, it’s hard to know up from down, let alone to make any kind of sensible decision- particularly in the face of new directives from the government coming (almost) daily.

What I’ve realised is that a lot of people (and businesses) are reacting quickly, sometimes without thought for consequence. Particularly, there are a lot of knee jerk reactions and poor decisions being made.

It goes without saying (though I spell it out here) the safety of the community and everyone around us, young, old or otherwise must come first in every decision. We will never make a decision that puts anyone in harm's way.

To that end, we’ve formulated a plan based around our core ideal: to be positive change in the community.

So, we aren't closing out venues, we are taking every reasonable precaution to ensure everyone's safety. We aren't stopping releasing beers- we will continue doing what we do and making fresh, tasty beers for you all to enjoy.

Our venues have acted- limiting people inside at any time, encouraging better hygiene and just all round increasing the frequency and intensity of cleaning. We have removed cash from venues as an interim measure and will monitor the situation as it continues to unfold. We will continue to take direction from local, state, federal and international agencies in this regard.

Naturally, we ask that anyone feeling unwell or slightly under the weather stays home for the time being. If you are desperate, shout out, I’m sure we can arrange some beer to be delivered to you, be it directly through us or through one of our many valued bottle shop partners.

Most of all, what this has made us realise is the value of our relationships in the community. Now, more than every it is so important that we continue to support other business around us. To that end, we have decided, for now at least, that rather than go full scale with home deliveries, we will support those who have supported us from the start- our local bottle shops. We will shortly be publishing a list of all bottleshops who offer home delivery, as well as all those who currently stock our beers.

The best thing everyone can do right now is stay calm, stay safe and as always; Think Local, Drink Local.

All of our love, stay safe. Team Rocky Ridge and Team Darleens