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Duncraig TapHouse Update

We finally have an exciting (overdue) update! 

Liquor license: APPROVED!!

As much as we’re itching to spill the beans on Duncraig’s opening date, we’ve been navigating the labyrinth of regulatory timelines. Sometimes, it feels like things are moving as slowly as our old boy Ace climbing the stairs.

But here’s the good news: We’re thrilled to announce that our liquor license has been approved!

Next steps: 

With this major hurdle out of the way, we’re moving forward full steam ahead with the next step: construction.

We’re dreaming up a space that mirrors our Busselton TapHouse – a hub for everything craft beer and a place where our loyal supporters can enjoy without needing to travel 300 km. We deeply appreciate the distance many of you travel to support us, so we’re beyond thrilled to soon be just around the corner from you all!

Give us a date!

Our goal is to create our Duncraig TapHouse with the same warmth and welcoming atmosphere you’ve come to love in Busselton. We’re hoping to be open by summer ’24/’25.

Stay Tuned for Updates:

A huge thank you for your ongoing support! We’re counting down the days until we can welcome you to our Duncraig TapHouse. Hang tight – it’s going to be worth the wait!

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