We are a farming family to the core.


Five generations have worked our family farm “Rocky Ridge” in a variety of different forms of agriculture. Most recently; dairy and beef. With a new generation comes new ideas and different perspectives, as well as a passion for and love of fresh, quality beer.


Our story begins with the search for delicious, fresh beer and the thought; “why doesn’t anyone grow hops here?”. After some research and a few phonecalls the answer became apparent: “They don’t grow there”:. Never tell a farmer something won’t grow. Fast forward a year and our quarter acre trial of 120 rhizomes has flourished, Cascade, Chinook, Saaz, Goldings, POR, Red Earth, Supa Alpha and a secret trial crop are all laden with fruit for harvest.


Who can’t grow what where?


Like most Uni students, I was skint and in need of beer. The “magic” solution? Brew it myself. As you can imagine this was a massive failure! Fast forward 8 years and my love of brewing has only increased (along with my ability to brew it - thank god) and after a whole lot of study and some practical experience at one of WA’s premier up and coming breweries (Cheeky Monkey) here we are, branching out into the unknown and attempting something which only a handful of breweries worldwide can lay claim to (Ground to Glass beer).


We are proud to call Rocky Ridge our home.

Where it all started.