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BTS: Crafting Rocky Candy

GABS Can Design Award 2023

Before we delve into the captivating behind-the-scenes tale of creating Rock Candy, we have an exciting announcement to share. You can now cast your vote for Rock Candy as the GABS Best Can Design 2023! Show your support for this design by participating in the voting process. 



Crafting Rock Candy

A Glimpse into the Designer’s Midnight Odyssey. 



Picture a scene bathed in the soft glow of a computer screen, the room filled with an aura of quiet anticipation. The clock hands inch closer to 3 am, and in this cocoon of creativity, the world beyond seems to fade away. Our artisan, Ethan, is in his element, fully immersed in a voyage of imagination and artistic expression.

Headphones placed on the ‘full tilt’ setting, music pulses through his veins, driving the rhythm of his thoughts. It’s the bewitching hour, the time when inspiration often arrives with an intensity that refuses to be ignored. The playlist is thoughtfully curated, and tonight, it’s the iconic Gorillaz that plays on repeat. Each beat, each lyric, fuels the fire, shaping the vision that’s gradually taking form on the digital canvas.

A loyal companion, a four-legged friend, rests soundly at Ethan’s feet. The weight of a 42 kg Australian Shepherd provides both comfort and grounding, a reminder that amidst the whirlwind of ideas, there is a tangible reality to return to. The occasional twitch and muffled woof in a dream reveal the dog’s own midnight escapades, mirroring the journey of creation taking place above.

The setting is far from a conventional workplace. Instead of our standard brewery setting, he is nestled in the cosy embrace of his bed. A laptop rests upon his legs, transforming the bed into a studio where dreams and pixels converge. The confines of the room seem to amplify the intensity of the creative process, shutting out distractions and allowing an unfiltered connection between mind and the screen.

In the absence of readily accessible snacks, Ethan finds himself anchored to his task under the weight of his companion. The hunger for artistic fulfilment outweighs any craving for physical sustenance, and he is in a state of flow that transcends the limitations of time and space.

As the hours tick by, the artwork begins to take shape. The sweeping lines cascade across the canvas, each stroke meticulously crafted to capture the essence of vibrancy and movement. The intricate details gaze into Ethan’s soul, mirroring the intensity of his focus. And that playful ‘gesture’, a whimsical nod to the fanciful ideas that inspire him, emerges as a mischievous stroke of brilliance.

In the tranquil solitude of the night, Ethan breathes life into Rock Candy. The artwork becomes more than just an image; it becomes an extension of his passion, a testament to his dedication to pushing boundaries and exploring uncharted territories of creativity.

As dawn approaches, Ethan gazes down at his creation with a mixture of pride and exhaustion. The journey that began in the wee hours of the night has led to this moment, capturing the spirit of Rocky Ridge in every pixel. With a satisfied smile, he saves his work, closes the laptop, and lets the hushed tranquillity of the room embrace him. Another chapter of creativity comes to an end, leaving behind an artwork that will soon grace the world of beer enthusiasts everywhere.

And so, from the depths of a late-night artistic odyssey, Rock Candy is born, a testament to Ethan’s unwavering commitment and the magic that can unfold when inspiration strikes at 3 am.