News | Jun 20 |2 Min Read



In other exciting news, we are absolutely stoked to announce that we’ve clinched the Champion Brewery award for the third year running! Can you believe it? THIRD YEAR! 🎉

It’s always a pleasant surprise to be recognised by a judging panel of peers for the quality of our products, and to win this award three years in a row has left us completely gobsmacked. We never take these honours for granted, and the news has filled us with an overwhelming sense of gratitude.

Behind the scenes, it’s been countless hours of dedication, meticulous attention to detail, and genuine effort from our incredible team that have made this possible. Their unwavering commitment is the backbone of our success. Each award is not just a testament to our product quality but a tribute to the hard work and passion that drive us forward. We’re deeply thankful for this recognition and incredibly proud of our team. Their relentless drive and spirit inspire us to maintain the highest standards in everything we do.

The night marked a well-deserved celebration for the team, as they swapped their work boots for dancing shoes! Here are the most restrained snapshots from the evening, as you can imagine, festivities extended well into the early hours of the morning, hahaha.