News | Apr 01 |1 Min Read

Haulin’ Oats | Oat Pale ALE


A Collaboration with Dirty Clean Food

Oat Pale Ale | 5%


Dirty Clean Food is a West Aussie food company that’s putting saving the planet on the menu. Our clean, rolled oats used for Rocky Ridge’s latest beer offering are grown by West Aussie farmers in the Wheatbelt. They are farmed in a way that helps our WA farmers prosper and REGENERATE THE PLANET!

You see, our oats are grown using Regenerative farming practices, which works with nature rather than against it, leaving the soil in better condition after every crop and reducing carbon emissions in the process.

Our oats have fewer inputs, require less water and produce lower greenhouse gas emissions than other plant-based alternatives, making our milk not only tasty and convenient, but also gentle on mother earth.

By choosing regeneratively farmed food, you’re not only supporting our farming community, you’re also loading up on nutrients which are better for you, better for our planet, and better for our future.