News | Jun 11 |2 Min Read

Rocky Ridge Brewing Co. Acquires Thunder Road Brewing

We are absolutely stoked to announce that Rocky Ridge Brewing Co have officially acquired Thunder Road Brewing in Brunswick, Victoria!

We have been on the lookout for the perfect place on the eastern seaboard to call our second home and when we approached the team at Thunder Road, it became glaringly obvious that this was the perfect fit. We are beyond excited to welcome the existing team into our fold, and can’t wait to lay out a pathway of exploration and innovation with our expanded team. This acquisition represents our commitment to the continued evolution and development of independent and family owned beer in Australia.

We recognise that many industries, including ours, have recently faced numerous hardships, from supply chain disruptions to rising costs; however, we hope that this acquisition brings a breath of fresh air and renewed vigour whilst underscoring our commitment to innovation, quality, and sustainability.

Rocky Ridge Brewing Co will remain firmly rooted in WA, continuing to experiment and push boundaries, while producing the exceptional beers you know and love. At the same time, moving some of our production to the East Coast is a strategic decision aligned with our mission to become net-zero emitters. By reducing food miles and emissions, we are taking tangible steps to minimise our environmental impact — one beer at a time.

We deeply respect Thunder Road Brewing’s legacy and we are dedicated to honouring their brand by continuing to brew their flagship beers. But we’re not stopping there… We’re also bringing the fun, energy, passion and excitement that Rocky Ridge Brewing Co is known for, with a promise of a vibrant fusion of both brands at the Brunswick venue.

This acquisition is not just a business move; it’s a commitment to the future. It’s a commitment to sharing our vision of Down to Earth Beer

We look forward to sharing this journey with you and can’t wait for you to taste what’s next.

Cheers to new beginnings and a sustainable, flavourful future!