News | Jul 26 |1 Min Read

Rocky Ridge Brewing Co – Greener Pastures, July 2022

We are super proud to be fully off grid for all our brewery operations, which saves tonnes and tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions each year. We are so off grid – we dont even have a power connection!

The only grid power that we utilise is at our Busselton Taphouse, which makes up just 3% of Rocky Ridge Brewing Co’s total carbon footprint. And while 3% may not sound like much, it’s an easy target for us to remove those emissions.

So, we have installed a series of solar panels to our alfresco and shed roof to reduce our reliance on the grid, and signed onto Synergy’s Green Power Accredited program. This ensures that all our grid power is sourced from renewable and regenerative options. Switching to Green Power is a small daily investment that helps you do your bit for the environment, and is a great alternative if solar panels are not an option for your home.

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