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Stacked IPA Day Lineup


Gear up to commemorate IPA Day!

When we shared the exciting news about IPA Day with our Head Brewer, the sparks of creativity ignited, and there was no turning back. In true Rocky Ridge style, we decided that one new drop just wouldn’t cut it. Nor would two or three. No, this week, get ready to witness the hoppiest spectacle as we proudly unveil five new IPAs!

At Rocky Ridge, we are passionate about IPA’s—frothing over the intricate flavours, the hoppy goodness, and the boundless possibilities. Our brewers have been working tirelessly, channeling their creativity and love for the craft into these exciting new brews.

From bold and bitter to smooth and citrusy, each IPA in this lineup is a testament to our dedication to pushing the boundaries of taste. With every sip, you’ll be transported on a flavour journey like no other.

Make sure you grab yourself a seat today at the TapHouse! We’re gonna unveil these awesome brews at our IPA Day Masterclass, and it’s gonna be a blast with our mates from Range Brewing taking over the taps. Best part? It’s a FREE EVENT! But hey, you might wanna snag a reservation to be safe;



Can’t pick just one?



Okay, confession time… “Set in Stone ” is far from your typical straight down the line WCIPA. At Rocky Ridge, we thrive on pushing the boundaries, and this time, we took a daring leap with a new yeast strain. Let’s just say, our research might have been a little less than perfect – but boy, did it lead to something unexpectedly awesome!

Our fearless yeast went wild and produced a whole heap of esters (yes, it was meant to!), and guess what? They do NOT belong in a WCIPA. But here’s where it gets exciting – “Set in Stone” not only boasts the expected pine and citrus notes but also surprises you with a tropical juice IPA with more of a Belgian West Coast influence than American – delightful hints of fruity goodness and a downright funky flair! 

So, calling all craft beer adventurers who crave an IPA with a point of difference – “Set in Stone” is an absolute must-try. This brew is unapologetically unique and will take your taste buds on a thrilling ride.

Ingredients: Pils Malt, Chit Malt, Munich Malt, Dextrose, Ekuanot T90, Citra T90, Ella T90, El Dorado T90, El Dorado Salvo

Allergens: Gluten Reduced

ABV: 6.5%


It’s a Long Walk Home |


Fire up the group chat – Range Brewing and Rocky Ridge have reunited again just in time for IPA Day (we couldn’t resist using this as the perfect excuse). 

Our hop-hunting heroes have scoured Australia, the USA, and New Zealand to bring you this brew. T90, Lupomaxx pellets, and Subzero Hopkief result in a beer as wild as that mate who finds traffic cones and occasionally loses their shoes on the way home.   Leave bitterness behind; it’s taking a backseat. The real stars here are the full body and sweet malts that steal the show. And hold on tight because the tropical fruits burst onto the scene with every sip. 

Round up your crew and let “It’s a Long Walk Home” guide you through an adventure where the unexpected becomes an epic tale. Get ready for laughs that’ll echo for years to come. Cheers to the long walk home!

Ingredients: Pilsner Malt, Malted Wheat, Rolled Oats, Chit Malt, Carawheat. Citra T90, Citra Lupomaxx, Vic Secret T90, Simcoe T90, Nelson Sauvin Subzero Hopkief

Allergens: Gluten

ABV: 7%



Get some brewers on an email thread and there is a pretty damn good chance they’ll decide to brew a WCIPA.

A joint love of Ella and Galaxy hops made the decision of hop combo easy and we have bombed the heck outta this brew with both of em!

Crisp body and bitterness as long as the flight from Busso to Singapore, strap in and enjoy a new classic.

There can be only one! But we reckon you’ll probably want two.

Ingredients: Pilsner Malt, Munich Malt, Chit malt, Dextrose, Ekuanot T90, Trident Salvo, Ella T90, Galaxy T90

Allergens: Gluten Reduced

ABV: 7.3%



Single Hop DDH DIPA

Unleash the enigma with our Invisible Man IPA. Like the legendary figure it represents, this brew remains invisible until it sneaks up on you, surprising your taste buds with the splendour of Vic Secret hops.

As you take your first sip, prepare for a skillful balance of medium bitterness and light grainy malts. But hold on tight! Suddenly, a bold wave of pineapple and resin emerges, as if the invisible man himself has materialised, leaving his mark on your palate.

Don’t fret, for amidst the mystery, a sweet mid-palate brings a moment of respite. Yet just when you think you’ve escaped, a cleansing bitterness emerges on the tail end, ensuring this encounter lingers in your memory long after the glass is empty.

Uncover the invisible with Invisible Man beer – a journey that defies expectations.

Ingredients: Pilsner Malt, Chit Malt,  Rolled Triticale, Malted Wheat, Maltodextrin, Dextrose, Vic Secret T90

Allergens: Gluten

ABV: 8.5%



How could we resist partnering with the hop legends at Karridale Hop Cottages, Preston Valley Hops, and Great Southern Hops? The answer was clear—no hesitation, just a resounding “Yes!”

When our Head Brewer, Ross, caught a whiff of those hops, he knew it was time to unleash a devilishly delicious BLACK IPA upon the world.

As you pour this brew, darkness embraces the glass, adorned with mesmerising ruby highlights. And oh, the aroma! Picture a wild party where chocolate, coffee, and caramel malts mingle with pine, citrus, and woody hop notes. It’s a scent that will leave you weak in the knees.

Blackwood Black IPA is a tribute to our local hop heroes and to showcase the magic of our homegrown hops in the most spectacular way possible! 

Ingredients: Pilsner Malt, DRC, Cararye, Dark Crystal, Roasted Wheat, Sinamar, WA Chinook, WA Nugget, WA Victoria, WA Beedelup

Allergens: Gluten

ABV: 7.2%