Wet Hop Ace IPA

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Get ready for the future of brewing – Wet Hop Ace is here to stay.

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GR - Gluten Reduced | DF - Dairy Free | VF - Vegan Friendly | CN - Contains Nuts | S - Contains Sulphites | CF - Contains Fruits


Wet Hop Ace | IPA

Curious about our crew’s favourite Rocky Ridge brew? Usually, it’s a resounding “Ace IPA!” but this year, we’ve decided to shake things up after the 2024 hop harvest.

In Ace’s original recipe, lovingly crafted by our very own Hamish, Flinders was the star aroma hop. It’s worth mentioning that Hamish even provided Chris with his first Flinders rhizomes, strengthening the ties to our brewing roots. Thanks to Chris from South West Hops, we’ve been blessed with a stellar Flinders harvest once again, ensuring a fresh batch for Ace – and that’s where the magic truly begins.

We’ve gone all-in, adding an extra 30 g/L of wet whole cone Flinders hops, which were then recirculated for a full 24 hours.

Enter Wet Hop Ace – the familiar taste you love, now infused with the vibrant essence of those additional Flinders hops. It’s still Ace, but the bitterness has been dialled up, and a burst of super fresh aromatics, including melon, pine, and yes, even cucumber, has been seamlessly woven into the flavour profile.

See if you can taste the difference!

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Wet Hop IPA





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